A northeast police “suspect” about frame to capture video, recently became the source of joy for netizens.Th e video tells the story of heilongjiang province in 2018 red xinglong anti-drug brigade public s ecurity bureau police foiled one drug cases.The case cause red xinglong public security bureau traffic police bri gade seized an unlicensed drivers.After testing found that the drivers smoked meth, it passed to the bra nch of narcotics squad, after the police began to ultimately traced the source of the drug.   In the process of track suspects, through the investigation, the police lock the suspected of drug and the official said.But in oneRead More →

  On January 28, on January 9, 2019 in the west peidian peidian palace yangxin temple was found in the process of tory are recor ded on this.According to the study of the actor’s life, and ultimately determine the repertory for light to play.According to fold re pertory, New Year’s eve day, after heavy China palace area rinse fang zhai temple Jin Zhaoyu essence put section dressi ng in addition to age, in the summer wash fang zhai courtyard (that is, the “front desk”) provided by folding on “l ive to meet years”, in dry qing “Kim dinh play thing” and so on.China news agency reportersRead More →

  On the afternoon of 28, national WeiJianWei publicly released “donate organs obtain an d distribution management regulations”, this is triggered in August 2013 revised on the b asis of the original trial regulations.The regulations of chapter 6 of article 42, including general rules, the donation of b ody organs to obtain, to donate organs for organization of quality management and control requirements, the donation of body organs, supervision and management, the distribution of the bylaws.   National WeiJianWei said, with the advancement of human organ donation an d transplantation, on the one hand around to strengthen the human body or gan procurement organizations (hereinafter referred toRead More →

  Lei joined the Spanish!Lin gao envy voice: he completed the dream of every Chinese player! cupied the vision of the fans, unconsciously, lei abroad things become a reality, the thought is not port of Sh anghai on the club agreed to one of the things it has become a reality!Finally, lei going to play abroad then experience wha t it’s like to be in a foreign country, I believe that many fans still have a lot of worry!   For such arrangements abroad, I believe that is not only the fans, maybe even the lei didn’t re ady.Lei, it is said, the contract is at theRead More →

  Tencent sports inquiry Beijing time on October 22 in the morning, west re-sche duled week 9 rounds, barak away 1-0 win against real betis.Regal Angulo heroics.   1 minute, after receiving the ball, outside at the big shot, his ball above the uppe r right corner of the goal.The 16th minute, valladolid issued a direct free kick, outside at the big shot, his ball higher goal on the upper left corner.18th minu te, after receiving the ball, oona outside at the big shot, his blasted out of the left colum n.After 20 minutes, W – carvalho pass, barthes pull outside at the big shot, his ballRead More →

  Today is the hottest topic, is “Yang mi junyan jiao Zhang Xiaofei are classmates”.   Originally junyan jiao myself nortel photo 05 level performance of the party, has contribut ed to the surprising with box, I’m afraid before who didn’t want to Ya ng mi, junyan jiao and Zhang Xiaofei are classmates.Is the fairy level of yuan news across time.   Photos of the classmates have distinguishing feature each, I can see you togeth er very happy.Junyan jiao face, Yang mi Zhang Xiaofei – this picture is to rev eal the three cute, it should be the junyan jiao own caption “10th anniversary, it is not oldRead More →

  Andy, known as the ghost horse young girl, she always give a person a kind of wacky sense of humor, recently, And y on weibo drying out my recent photo, caused the net friend of hot, she wore a plain white coats, cover your wh ole face, with a hat hat has two “eyes” ahead, a lot of people said Andy wear is the latest face gini down jacket?   Actually Andy besides this down jacket, was also wearing red quilt down jac ket, she wore black helmets, like walking in the street, very funny, talking ab out Andy both body modelling, small make up haveRead More →

  So far, four Chinese team has been eliminated half, left EHOME team and LGD team.Though of “win together, lose together, shoulder” is Sean knife tower has been adhering to the spirit, but su mmary of failure to meet victory, it must take the blame.   VG team   The first blame, for the captain leather shoes.Any lost the game, always fro m the squad tactics to find reasons.Three games Banpick no big pr oblem, then to coach ROTK pot is no.Progressive, leather shoes as VG team captain should be mainly responsible for th e failure of the game.Three days ago VG loss to the VP fall intoRead More →

As the saying goes, there are cruel to play, there is no cruel father m other.Chifeng city in Inner Mongolia autonomous region, however, a pair of husband and wife because don’t get to the I nternet, but plans to sell his own twins.24, the reporter learns from chifeng city yuanbaoshan district public s ecurity bureau, the bureau successfully solved by the use of network trafficking in women and children. On November 29, 2018, yuanbaoshan Interpol brigade to get clues, local man fo lk-rock suspected of network selling baby.Police immediately organize forces to visit, investigate and work, then locked the suspect and carries on the monitor.Read More →

On January 26, at the helm of the universe “less than three years of industrial and commercial bank of chairman yi will formally appointed by the s tate council as one of the China securities regulatory commission secretary of the party committee, chairman. A bank is chairman of the board of directors can manage the securities ma rket in 2019?Close to yi will also full of the first financial journalist, said originally from wenzhou yi will full bu siness ability is strong, extremely rich market experience, learning ability is very strong. Yi will be very honest, call a spade a spad e, but “business-like” again,Read More →