More Austrian companies are getting involved in China’s rapidly growing winter spo rts market, said Martin Glatz, commercial counselor at the Austrian embassy in Beijing. “Austria has been trying to be very present in China in the lead up to the Winter Olympics in 2022,” said Glatz at the Austrian Winter Sports Days 2019 Conference in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province on Friday. “Ten years ago when we organized for the first time the Advantage Aus tria Ski Race, not many people took alpine skiing very seriously. But now skiing has entered the ma instream in China,” said Glatz, who is also the head of Advantage AustriaRead More →

  The Chinese icebreaker Xuelong with the 126 members of China’s 35th research mi ssion to Antarctica on board ended on Friday a nine-day odyssey through the infamous “roaring forties.”   Xuelong is taking the Chinese researchers back to home. The voyage beginning Feb 14 has turned o ut to be the longest and hardest of its altogether four travels through the westerlies during the research mission.   After leaving Prydz Bay by which the Chinese research base Zhongshan Station is loca ted, the Chinese icebreaker almost immediately entered the westerlies.   ”The westerlies usually are between 40 and 60 degrees south latitude, but this time the winds reachedRead More →

  BEIJING — China will push forward reform in national defense education in 2019, acc ording to a circular released by the national defense education office Thursday.   The circular said a document on deepening reform in national defense education is planned to be released this year.   The country also plans to revise its national defense education law and work out draft regulations on promoting natio nal defense education at educational institutions and social organizations participating in national defense education.   According to the official in charge of the office, the country will hold a series of educational campaigns including lectu res, contests and learning activities to attractRead More →

As the United States and China continued trade talks this week, companies and industries in both countries, including the education sector, will be hoping for a sign ificant breakthrough that can lift Sino-US relations from the current morass and end the tit-for-tat trade war that has seriously affected exchanges of goods, technology and people between our nations. For Sino-US joint-venture universities, such as Duke Kunshan University, in China’s eastern p rovince of Jiangsu, the ramifications of a further ramp-up in tensions would be felt acutely. Fortunately, the impact of the trade dispute on these educational joint ve ntures has been minimal. But naturally there hasRead More →

  back to whoever sent you here,” she says, citing that the deal doesn’t have a single Republican in favor of the proposal and “the k ey to good legislation is to tailor something that you write so that it can pass, and you can get a step ahead.”   When a girl urges her to vote yes anyway, Feinstein replies, “I may do that … but it’s not a good resolution.”   In a statement Friday night about the confrontation, Feinstein said she “always welcomes the oppo rtunity to hear from Californians who feel passionately about this issue and it remains a top priority of mine.”   ”Unfortunately,Read More →

  rnight flight hung heavily on himPence could have been better prepared, had his spe ech writer more carefully gauged his audience before the vice president stood behind the teleprompter.   A hint at why came the day before, when Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, was introd uced to delegates to rapturous applause. That should have been a signal to Pence: he was among allies, not friends.   Pence, clearly hoping for the same warm reception, was instead met with a silent pause when he said he was bringing with him a greeting from Trump.   Pence’s pitch was as Trump enforcer, hectoring the gatheredRead More →

  e diagnosis of the situation,” Czaputowicz said. “They have a similar perspective of problems in the Middle East, and also — let’s b   e open — the negative role played by Iran. … Howeve n Union and the United States differ in terms of modus operandi, esp ecially via evaluation of JCPOA or Special Purpose Vehicle and their possible impacts.”   Czaputowicz said that in talks, representatives of Germany, France, and the United Kingdom had spoken about the benefits of the nuclear deal.   Secretary of State Mike Pompeo backed up Pence’s aggressive stance on Iran during a press conference at the end of the summit.Read More →

  to you, please ask to see their badge and not their rosary,” she said.   The Archdiocese of Detroit took issue with Nessel’s “broad generalizations” during Thursday’s press conference.   Since 2002, the archdiocese has reported all accusations of clergy sexual abuse to law enforcement and has not entered into any non-disclosure agreements with victims, said spokesman Ned McGrath.   ”The Archdiocese of Detroit does not self-police,” McGrath said.   Related: Vatican faces growing list of scandals   US momentum against church builds amid summit   The Michigan investigation of clergy sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is joined by a fe deral investigation and similar probes in at least 12Read More →

  notified whenever an accusation is made, both to protect the community and to encourage other potential victims to come forward.   ”This seems to say that if a priest or a nun or deacon gets accused they don’t tell the parish until the accusation is ‘proven,’” said Tim Len non, of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, who is in Rome participating in vigils with other victims of clergy abuse.   ”Well, who proves this? The police or the bishops? We’ve seen for 35 years that bishops o ften cover up, so no one trusts that they are going to be good arbiters of guiltRead More →

  to faster identify what’s in the shot and make suggestions for better framing.   The four models, which are available for pre-order on Thursday and hit starts on March 8, start at 128GB and go up in cost depending on s torage size. The devices come in four colors in the US: black, white, blue and a pink inspired by t he Pantone color of the year (Living Coral). More colors will be available globally.The S10 5G mod el is the first mainstream device to run on lightning-fast 5G wireless networks later this year. The move could give Samsung a sig nificant head start in earlyRead More →