When the US government escalated economic and trade friction, a ridiculous argument of self-deception was floated by some in the US. It 上海千花网was claimed that “additional tariffs were good for the US”. From last year’s “trade war is good”, it has now come down to that China is payin g huge tariffs to the US … These huge taxes will be directly handed over to the US Treasury, and tariffs will bring more wealth to the US, even more than tra ditional trading. This claim goes completely against the common sense of economics.上海千花网品茶微信 It is just the rhetoric of some in the US to hideRead More →

 country, with 上海千花网品茶微信more and more audio visual products of increasingly high quality being created,” said Cui Chenghao, deputy Party secr etary of the research center of the National Radio and Television Administration, during the summit. Cui, who is also the deputy editor of the report, points out that major online video platforms in China, including Tencent platform iQiyi, have been pouring capital into the production of original content and the quality of most works have rea ched a level that is comparable to those produced by broadcasting companies. “For instance, most original online shows no longer depend solely on the star factor of famous personalities.Read More →

 Xiao Xing, a professor of accountancy at Tsinghua Unive rsi上海千花网品茶微信ty’s School of Economics and Management, who taught one of Yang’s online classes. She invited him to a group event at Tsinghua, and sent him an autographed book bearing the inscription, “Kn owledge puts wings on dreams.” Yang was delighted, “Given my condition, visiting Tsinghua was a dream come true.” Although his health is unstable, he still logs on to XuetangX to learn new things whenever he can. “The interface now is much more user friendly and the platform recommends classes tailored to my p rogress and needs,” he said. “Although I am not enrolled atRead More →

on to look into the future amid urban life, and the other is to look back on rural history – it’s our past,” he says, adding that this contradiction – resisting urban ization while at the same time embracing progress – has driven the emergence of modern thought and di scourse, which has become the internal motivation for change in art, literature and philosophy. Ethnic Tibetan writer A Lai, famous for his novel Settling Dust, which was also published und er the title Red Poppies, says many of the writers today still depict rural life as they imagine it, rather than ob serving and reflectingRead More →

China will soon issue licenses for the commercialization of 5G, as the country has already established a competitive advanta ge in the superfast wireless technology, the country’s top industry regulator said on Monday. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology sa id 5G is entering a critical period of commercial deployment globally and China’s 5G indu stry has established a competitive advantage through a combination of innovation and open cooperation. Many foreign companies, including Nokia, Ericsson, Qualcomm and Intel, have participa ted in China’s technical 5G tests. These foreign companies have already particiapted in three phases of tests organized by China to get their 5GRead More →

nt are broadly in line with expectations. Although pro-European Union parties have won a majori ty of the seats, the EP is more fragmented than before with traditional center-right and center-left par ties losing seats to Liberals and Greens, and Euroskeptic parties increasing their vote share. This is likely to make it more difficult for the EU to agree new trade deals and choose new leaders for EU institutions. The heads of government of EU states met on Tuesday to discuss who will fill the top jobs. The new EP and the EU leadership face a difficult international environment, especially on th e trade front.Read More →

ented by its unilateral and protectionist moves, has harmed both countries’ economic interests an d proved to be a drag on the global economy, as the recent turmoil in the international capital market shows. Simulation tests of large general equilibrium models show that both countries’ economic indicators would suffer due to the US tariff hike on $200 billio n of Chinese goods two weeks ago. For example, China’s GDP could decline by 0.657 percent, manufacturing jobs by 1.02 8 percent, exports by 3.359 percent, and imports by 1.384 percent, while the decrease in the US’ GDP would be 0.004 per cent, manufacturing jobs 0.652 percent,Read More →

 traditional local cuisine-rice with salted pork and greens, the Cai Fan in the name-has ga ined a good reputation for its traditional flavors and its striking interior design. Instead of rows of tables that can seat four or more people, the restaurant has just one long table divided into individual booths by boards. When seated, diners face a small curtain-covered window, wh ere the food is served anonymously. Each booth contains coat hangers and charging sockets. “I wanted to let our customers know that a single person also needs to eat well, so I designed things this wa y to make them feel less ashamedRead More →

ut is confrontation,” said Solana, who is currently president of the ESADE Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics of Spain. The senior politician and diplomat expressed concerns over the trade frictions between China and the United States, w hich have conducted 11 rounds of trade negotiations, but have yet to reach an agreement. The world’s two largest economies should engage in dialogue on an equal footing, Solana said. “If they fail to resolve their trade problems, the global economy will start to suffer from this crisis,” he said. In a global situation where protectionism and unilatera lism are on the rise, a multilateral approach hasRead More →