ut intercultural education. As John Dewey put it,” … education is 娱乐地图女神会所a regulation of the process of coming to share in the social consciousness; and that the ad justment of individual activity on the basis of this social consciousness is the only sure method of social reconstruction.”娱乐地图 Therefore, to prepare the young generation to act as competent global citizens of a community with a shared future for mankind, we have to sow in their hearts and minds the seeds of em 娱乐地图女神会所pathy, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, which will enable the community to constantly grow and flourish. As I understand it, intercultural education is notRead More →

l gazing or days and days of whittling candidates down to the fi nal two,” Brokenshire said in a speech at the Policy Exchange, a center-right think tank. Elder statesman and former chancellor of the exchequer Ken Clarke said on BBC Radio 4’s Today program that the contest ha d become a “shambles”and was “in danger of becoming a rather tragic farce, unless some order is brought into it”. Hopefuls have been seeking high-profile endorsements and unveiling policy proposals ahead of May’s resignation on Friday. Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, who is seen by many as a fron trunner, got a thumbs-up from United StatesRead More →

Astana consensus” on “not allowing differences to become disputes”, their “strategic guidanc e” to their armed forces have ensured peace on their borders. This has prompted bilateral tra de to finally cross its decade-long volume of $70-75 billion. For this year, China-India trade is set to cross $100 billion. Likewise, China’s investments in India have witnessed a sharp upsur ge from $688 million in 2016 to $5.6 billion last year. The United States’ decision to raise tariffs on Chinese, as well as Indian, products is expected n Sino-Indian trade and invest ment partnership. Critics may describe this as China’s tactical move triggered by its intensifyingRead More →

ssible national security concerns. Fair engagement across technologies is a better way to secure national security than delinking. “The cost of decoupling will be very high for both economies,” he said. “Engage ment in a fair competition with common rules is a far better outcome than decoupling.” If there has to be some “decoupling” due to “valid national security conc erns” in both countries, that should be kept to a minimum and not exaggerated, he said. “Normal commerce is in the interest of both of our countries. And we should pursue it vigorously,” he added. Allen also said members of the council are worried thatRead More →

ures market will help foreign investors optimize their renminbi-denominated asset portfolios as they can inc orporate investment targets of a wider variety, said Wang Tingting, an associate pro fessor of finance with the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing. “Moreover, as foreign investors’ trading helps boost liquidity in the domestic market and makes the price changes mor e consistent with international trends, domestic market participants can also better hedge against risks,” he said. Experts also expect China to open up the stock index futures market to foreign invest ors, as they have large exposure in the A-share market and are therefore in needRead More →

Research released by the International Monetary Fund on Friday showed that some of these tariffs hav e been passed on to US consumers, while others have been absorbed by importers leading to lower profit margins. US restrictions on high-tech exports to China will push up Washington’s trade deficit with China, an d rising prices could also reverse the low inflation in the US. Meanwhile, any speculative trading on the Chinese currency amid its depreciation pressure will “inevitably suffer from a huge loss”, Guo said in his speech. To eliminate bad outcomes from trade tensions, further opening-up in China’s services sec tor, together with high-tech developmentRead More →

 recent and future tariffs will cut about 0.3 percent of global GDP in the short ter m, with half stemming from negative effects on business and market confidence. Failure to resolve the trade differences and further escalation in other areas, such as the auto industry, which would cover several countries, “could further dent business and financial market se ntiment, negatively impact emerging market bond spreads and currencies, and slow investment and trade“, the research said. Experts urged the US government to stop its protectionism and proposed options for a resolution between the two countries. Chen Wenling, chief economist of the China Center for International EconomicRead More →

 Uygurs in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. Which in itself is a worrying development since it may be the start of the US using the domestic affa irs of other countries as a pretext to stifle the growth of foreign competitors to US companies. Washington, of course, is trying to put the US on the high moral ground while embedding its trade frictions with other countries into its political agenda and using its economic policy for its foreign policy aims. In this way, it is hoping to achieve the colonization of the global business world, allegedly under the banners of human rights, freedom and democracy.Read More →

uppliers worldwide. In November, it unveiled a list of its 92 core suppliers for the first ti me. Thirty-three of them are from the US, including chip giants Qualcomm Inc and Intel Corp. Wang Yanhui, secretary-general of the Mobile China Alliance, said, “Huawei has also been pre paring for such a situation for some time and has hoarded chips to handle a worst-case scenario.” The company became the world’s third-largest buyer of semiconductors last year. China will definitely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of its businesses, and Trump’s executive order is n ot a “constructive and friendly” gesture, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang saidRead More →

d an unfinished self-knitted sweater to a wedding dress and a tie with a lipstick mark, has in creased by threefold to more than 200. All the objects are left behind from breakups and donated by the public. People seem to find closure for a broken relationship by donating souvenir s from former lover, Kang Shidong, owner of the museum, told Shanxi’s news portal sxrb .com. He said a young man brought a bracelet and spent a whole afternoon writing a note, elaborating his love story. Besides closure, what surprises Kang is that some visitors fell in love after coming across each other at theRead More →