current dorm block is nearing completion.”There is a list of rankings of all the wild science stations. When I joined in 2009, Hulu nbuir station ranked somewhere in the middle, but this year we made it number one.”上海千花坊 Xu could tell from Xin’s eyes her love for the grasslands when they were first introduced as visiting researchers came to the station to start taking samples. 上海千花坊”She didn’t see the introductions as an onerous task, you could tell she enjoys them every time,” says Xu. In Xu’s mind, even when Xin is in her office in Beijing, her mind is always thousands of kilometers away inRead More →

anghai and Zhejiang, Bank of China will come up with more offshore FTZ businesses in the near future. 上海千花坊Kong Qingwei, chairman of China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co Ltd, said t he Yangtze River Delta region is a key driver of the group’s annual income and inno vative development. Of the insurer’s 126 million customers in China, 30 million live in the region, and account for 80 billion yuan, or 25 percent, of the insurer’s 320 billion yuan in total premiums.上海千花坊品茶微信 As Kong understands, there are plenty of opportunities for insurance companies in the integr ated development of the Yangtze River Delta region, with transportation asRead More →

On June 18, 1815, 上海千花坊品茶微信Napoleon, France’s proud son of heaven, ended all his dreams and glories as a hero in the World War I in Waterloo. The whole battle of Waterloo seemed quite dramatic. Marshal Ney led 80,000 main forc es to wrestle with the British army, circuitous back and forth, not knowing what he was doing, resulting in the annihilation of 80,000 troops. Marshal Grou chy was even more extraordinary. The Waterloo frohad 340,000 elite troops in his hand, but he wandered around on the grounds that he had not received orders from his superiors. He did not fire a shot until the endRead More →

e上海千花坊品茶微信ficial, and the US has reaped substantial benefits from cooperation. “China-US economic and trade cooperation has reached unprecedented depth and breadth,” the repo rt said, noting that bilateral trade surged to $633.5 billion last year, about 252 times that of 1979. Since the current US administration took office, it has ignored that, said Gao Feng, the ministry’s spokesman. The US has propagated the notion of a “loss” of US trade with China and uses the deficit as an excuse to provoke economic and trade friction, he said, ad ding that the study was based on concrete facts and figures showing the nature and causes ofRead More →

 for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, which advocates for legalization of marijuana in the US, told China Daily. “For instance, Idaho says that all marijuana, including hem p and products derived from hemp are illegal in the state. So, the federal government lifting the b] an on hemp doesn’t change the fact that in Idaho these products are still illegal,” he said. For a CBD product to be legal, it requires that a state h as amended its laws on the same terms as the federal law, Armentano said. But confusing rules about CBD oil led to some predatory companie] s entering the market andRead More →

 increasing ratio of city buses. In 2017, China’s overall e-bus retention rate reached 35.9 percent, and every three buses included an e-bus , according to a report released by the consulting company under the China Center for Information Industry Development. Wu Chuxiao, senior analyst at the Automobile Industry Research Center under CC ID Consulting, said: “Currently, China’s NEV industry has the condition and foundation for large-scale promotion and application in terms of politics, eco nomy, society and technology. However, limited by techniques, cost, infrastructure and public awareness, it sti ll takes a certain amount of time to replace traditional vehicles with NEVs on a largeRead More →

has taken a tougher line on protection of agriculture. France, for example, is opposed to including agriculture in transatlantic trade talks. The Greens are one of the big winners in the elections (even beating Germ any’s Social democrats into second place), and they will seek to impose strict conditions reg arding climate change, the environment and human rights on future trade deals. This attitude will also make it dif ficult to agree a new trade deal with the US, as it has not endorsed the 2015 Paris climate agreement. Although the nationalist and populist parties now have more seats, it does not mean they willRead More →

Having trouble discerning one furry panda from another? A facial recognition app will make it easy for you. The app is developed by the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Pandas along with researchers in Singapore Nanyang Technological university and Sichuan Normal University. The image analysis research kicked off in 2017. A database now contains about 120,000 images and 10,000 video clips of giant pandas. Close to 10,000 panda pictures have been analyzed, marked and annotated. Using the database, researchers are able to carry out automa tic facial recognition on panda faces to tell one animal from another, the center said. sh419ll.comRead More →

dels that will foster new growth and development. To do this, Ch ina is committed to spearheading the Belt and Road Science, Technology and Innova tion Cooperation Action Plan to advance information and communications technology infrast ructure development with the aim of improving internet connectivity and security, Zondi said. Oh Ei Sun, a senior fellow at the Singapore Institute of Inte rnational Affairs, noted Xi’s emphasis on high-quality development, free trad e and people-to-people bonds, “all of which are sorely needed around the world”. “The shift toward high-quality development is a na tural extension of what China has been doing for the past few yRead More →

The Shanghai Pudong International Talent Hub, which is aimed at showcasing the city’s commitment to embracing talents from all over the world, was officially unveiled on April 11. The new talent hub is located at the core area of Zhangjiang Science Park in Pudong, an important part of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. Also launched on the same day was a one-stop service platform for foreig ners to apply for working visas in the Shanghai FTZ. Prior to that, foreigners had to make at least two trips to related government departments to obtain a working visa. With the new platform, foreign talents onlyRead More →